The Power Of The Process

I went camping over the weekend in the beautiful Uintah Mountains. It was so nice and relaxing! I forget sometimes how valuable it is to unplug. The fun thing is, I got to unplug, but still got to have some great conversation about internet marketing (one of my very favorite topics right now.) 🙂

We sat at the picnic table and talked for about 3 1/2 hours about a system for developing content on an industrial scale. I know it sounds nerdy, but having a process in place is where it’s at, man! I tell people this all the time, but to really see a business process mapped out is a beautiful thing. Understanding how things get created, and then dropped into a system and moving from place to place without me ever having to touch them is truly awe inspiring. I visualize a well-oiled machine where things just happen, like cogs whirring, and belts spinning to move the assembly process along.

People that don’t do this tend to run around like 5 year olds at a soccer game where they are always running around in little clumps chasing after the ball, with no real strategy.

Time for me to take my processes to the next level.

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