International “Sick Of Being Sick” Day

IMG_5422Today is a newly minted holiday, by me. I’m calling it the International “Sick Of Being Sick” Day. It’s going to be the fourth Thursday in January from now on.

I woke up this morning and once again, felt like I’d been run over by a bulldozer. I’ve had a cold/flu/illness for 16 days now, and I’ve had enough. I decided to live this day as if I wasn’t sick, because I’m sick of being sick.

I really wanted to just stay in my nice warm bed, but since today is now an international holiday, I got up, put on my running shoes, and hit the road. I think that’s the best way to celebrate – with a “polar walk”, unless you happen to live in Australia, in which case you can just take a walk on the beach.

Was I in top form today? Not even close.

But… sometimes *something* is better than nothing.

I’ve had a full day of work and driving kids around and can’t wait to crawl back into bed. But, again, it’s a shiny new International holiday so instead, I’m going to take my daughter to dinner first. We’ve gotta celebrate this day!

If you’re sick of being sick, today is your day! How will you celebrate?

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