I’m An Exclamation Point Kind Of Girl

Some people just aren’t exclamation point kind of people. I try really hard to restrain myself, but they just come pouring out of me and I can’t stop them.

Exclamation PointI have a friend that is a triple exclamation point!!! I’m just a single exclamation point, most of the time. It’s difficult being an exclamation point kind of girl because people don’t get me all of the time. Every time I write something, I have to plan on going back and deleting about half of the exclamation points. People that aren’t exclamation points, just periods, don’t understand how hard it is to restrain my exclamations.

They tell me to “tone it down” or “chill”. I try to comply, but begrudgingly. I LIKE exclamation points.


One Reply to “I’m An Exclamation Point Kind Of Girl”

  1. When it comes to exclamation points, I’m actually in the Herschell Gordon Lewis camp–use extremely infrequently.

    Of course, you could test this. Sorry…have a contest!

    If it’s a ‘Sham Wow’ type product, a lot of exclamation points are probably OK but for everything else, I think it’s a sign of copywriting weakness.

    It’s like…I can’t pick the right words to create excitement so now I had better shove in a bunch of these!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I could be wrong. Some successful copywriters use them a lot.

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