He Who Cares Least Does Not Win

Recently, we had a training for SEO Professionals.  One of the presentations was on negotiation.  The speaker made the point that when it comes to negotiation, “He who cares least wins.”

Barbed Wire Heart

I agree.

I agree that it’s true when it comes to sales as well.  The best salesmen leave you feeling like you need them way more than they need you.  Whether or not it’s true, they leave us feeling… needy.  Like we’ve just gotta have whatever it is they are selling.

While this maxim may be true for sales and negotiations, I STRONGLY disagree with it is as a way to live life.  A person who thinks they need to care *less* than others will always have a barrier between them and others as they strive to maintain the upper hand.  It’s hard work making sure you care the least in a relationship.

I know this because after the training, I tried it for a couple of days.  I had to work at refocusing my thinking to a place of negativity and disengagement instead of just being myself.

I’d find myself cheering myself on:  “C’mon, care less!  You can do it!”

When it comes to sales, I can do this in a heartbeat.  I can care least, no problem.

But when it comes to life, I’m going to continue advocating that “He who cares MOST wins.”

When you care most, you open yourself up to hurt, unlike the person who cares least.  You may face rejection, and it may hurt more.  But the opportunity to experience life and happiness is so much bigger than for the person who decides to care least.

In summary, I choose to care more, and if you don’t like that, I could care less.  😉

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