Out of Business

How Google Is Contributing To The “Walmartization” Of The World

I walk in. There’s usually a quaint little bell that rings when I open the door. I take in the shabby rows of mismatched chairs. I smell the exotic spices wafting in from the clearly visible kitchen. I look to make sure the plastic flowers are proudly arranged in their little glass vases at every […]

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Multi-Variate Contest Results

I Hereby Abolish The Word ‘TEST’

That’s right, I will no longer refer to multivariate & split tests as ‘Tests’.  From now on, I declare them ‘CONTESTS’, and here’s why: Tests are boring.  Tests are work.  Tests require studying, memorization, writing, and a #2 pencil.   I’m done with all that. On the other hand, CONTESTS are a blast!  It is so […]

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Exclamation Point

I’m An Exclamation Point Kind Of Girl

Some people just aren’t exclamation point kind of people. I try really hard to restrain myself, but they just come pouring out of me and I can’t stop them. I have a friend that is a triple exclamation point!!! I’m just a single exclamation point, most of the time. It’s difficult being an exclamation point […]

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International “Sick Of Being Sick” Day

Today is a newly minted holiday, by me. I’m calling it the International “Sick Of Being Sick” Day. It’s going to be the fourth Thursday in January from now on. I woke up this morning and once again, felt like I’d been run over by a bulldozer. I’ve had a cold/flu/illness for 16 days now, […]

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“The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short”

Before the event even started, I was in tears. I attended Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit 2013 in Portland this past weekend. I expected to be inspired, hear from great speakers, meet great people and just plain have a ton of fun. That happened. 🙂 What I didn’t expect to happen was meeting someone who […]

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Barbed Wire Heart

He Who Cares Least Does Not Win

Recently, we had a training for SEO Professionals.  One of the presentations was on negotiation.  The speaker made the point that when it comes to negotiation, “He who cares least wins.” I agree. I agree that it’s true when it comes to sales as well.  The best salesmen leave you feeling like you need them […]

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The Power Of The Process

I went camping over the weekend in the beautiful Uintah Mountains. It was so nice and relaxing! I forget sometimes how valuable it is to unplug. The fun thing is, I got to unplug, but still got to have some great conversation about internet marketing (one of my very favorite topics right now.) 🙂 We […]

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Hello world!

Uhhh…. hi.  Is this thing on?  I’m going to give it a go.  Wish me luck!

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